Friday, 19 January 2018

things I like lately

from the a roll of film a month archives // Kodak Portra 400, Canon EOS 500N

- a week of successful dinner planning - so satisfying, in many ways (PS: what's for dinner)
- I finally got back to working out. Only once during the last week though...
- so much snow the last few days!
- how to be a minimalist with kids
- happy to see that Ulrika blogs again
- this interview with the ever inspiring mother of five (!), Courtney Adamo
- How I Get It Done: Martha Stewart (via Hjartesmil)
- my sister and her family are visiting this weekend
- homemade cauliflower soup and garlic bread for dinner
- one of my favorite photographers, Maria, is traveling west this spring, so I'm planning to book her for a family photo session
- reading your thoughts on blogging on my post about my thoughts on blogging
- doing a lot of journaling lately - the old fashioned handwritten way
- a big glass of red wine to start the weekend

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- the snow is not ideal for biking, hence there has been a lot of driving lately
- morning rush hour - before we even get in the car. There's so much nagging!
- the sound of our car's heating system - so annoying.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

a food list

carrot soup from the archives // Kodak Portra 160, Canon EOS 500N

Soon(ish) I want to make...

- Sarah Bernard in a baking tray
- burger with apple, bacon and red onion compote
- everyday lentil soup
- celeriac + beet salad with lemon, chili + mint (I'm no fan of mint; I think coriander could be a nice substitute)
- creamy French lentils with mushroom and kale
- garlicky kale quiche
- mushroom lentil spaghetti "bolognese"
- sweet potato fries using this trick to get them crispy
- roasted sweet potato with warm spices 
- chocolate mousse with avocado or this version
- cauliflower with tikka masala sauce

- - -

This post has been in my draft folder for ages. Time to make it public - along with all those other draft posts. So don't worry, there won't be a complete radio silence in this space while I contemplate one of life's big questions; to blog or not to blog. (THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your heartwarming comments on my previous post.)

Sunday, 14 January 2018

thoughts on blogging

the mountain cabin // Fuji Velvia 100F, Canon EOS 500N

I like blogging for a lot of reasons. I have written a lot about it these two posts: thoughts on sharing my everyday life + why I won't close my blog. As some of you know, my life has been - and still is - extraordinarily busy lately. Work, studies, family life and all that jazz are soaking up all my energy, leaving next to nothing for my hobbies. Somehow I have still kept my posting quite consistent during all of this, especially my regular "life, week x" and "things I like lately" posts. I guess it says a lot about how much I treasure the habit of sharing my everyday stories on this blog.

the mountain cabin 2012 // Fuji Sensia 400, Canon EOS 500N

Despite the fact that I treasure this habit, I have been pondering a lot lately if 2018 is the year when I finally close my blog. Yes, I know, I have said it before. I usually do so about once a year, typically when life is extra busy. Sometimes I feel like I "owe it" to you, my dear reader, to continue. I owe you the weekly updates and the Friday list tradition. Also, after doing this for ten years (!) it's hard to break the habit. The habit of shooting random things in my life, the habit of constantly thinking of captions, the habit of sharing pieces of my life.

South Africa 2009  // Fuji pro 160S, Canon EOS 500N

The blog reading habit is also hard to break, but I'm less inspired by blogs than I used to be. Back in the early days of blogging, blogs were personal. Bloggers shared their everyday lives and hobbies; arts, crafts, photography, cooking, travels. No-one made money from their blogs. Well, some of them had small Etsy shops where they sold their handmade things, and these little shops were silently promoted on their blogs. But it was a completely different ball game compared to the commercial focus that so many blogs have today - at least the kind of blogs that I normally like to read.

Bergen 2013 // Fuji Superia 200, Olympus mju

I miss the personal stories that don't come with an agenda. I discussed it a little bit with Fatima over here. I agree with what she says, social media has become too much caught in a cycle of ads, algorithms and non chronological orders. Ironically a few of my favorite bloggers do in fact have ads and sponsors, like Reading My Tea Leaves, Practicing Simplicity, A Cup of Jo and Hjartesmil (the last one only does ads for her own store though).

London 2010 // Fuji Velvia 50, Canon EOS 500N

I'm not sure what the concluding of this post is, other than for me blogging is not what is used to be. In the early days of blogging and social media (Flickr, in my case) I had conversations with people around the world and I actually made new friends. For example, Fatima and I met up in London 8 years ago. This doesn't happen anymore. Not in my case anyway. A big reason is because I don't prioritise that kind of time and energy for social media like I did when it was still a novelty.

Mallorca 2014 // Fuji Velvia 50, Canon EOS 500N

I might take a break, I might only post on Instagram (I'm halloastrid), I might quit completely. I'm not sure yet.

Denmark 2012 // Fuji Velvia 50, Canon EOS 500N

How about you? Any thoughts about blogging? What are your favorite blogs these days?

PS: I wrote this post Sunday morning whilst Sølve slept in and the kids watched way too much iPad. Poor priority? Yeah, kind of...

Friday, 12 January 2018

things I like lately

Clean shirts for a new week - 2009 edition. Kodak Portra 160vc, Canon EOS 500N

- the satisfaction of productive work days and evenings - stress management number one; get things done!
- roasted vegetables and avocado for lunch every day
- doing a bit of January sales shopping in Oslo last weekend
- the breakfast buffet at Grand Hotel in Oslo
- first ride on my new bike - I love it!
- having my weekday breakfast and coffee alone before the rest of the family wake up - it only happens one or two out of five mornings - morning bliss nevertheless!
- our summer holiday is booked
et nytt år
- our morning routine - I love posts like this!
- Fatima/my funny eye is back to blogging! I love her little good bye note on Instagram too.
- feeling inspired to keep blogging after reading Fatimas words - because yet again I've been contemplating to let this thing slowly fade away...
- my friend J shared this today and it literally made me laugh out loud
- yes!

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- too many busy, stressful mornings this week
- no workout in nearly two months - I really long to get back to the routine, but I haven't been able to get it into my schedule yet.
- my ear is still not well; my doctor says it can still take weeks until it's back to normal.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

summer memories // camping

In the middle of July we went camping as a family for the first time. Both Sølve and I used to be pretty outdoorsy (being Scouts and all), so we are a little embarrassed that Sara is nearly 6 years old before had her tent sleeping debut. We all agreed we are ready to do it again any time. 

Luckily the hike to the camp site isn't very long, because our backpack and carrier were loaded and heavy.

Always on the search for "stor stein" (big rock).

Sara carried her own little backpack with a few essentials. 

We realised we haven't slept in a tent since Roskilde Festival in 2004. That was quite a different setting...

Curious about the cows that were grazing around the camp site. To be honest I was a bit scared of them. Cows are huge animals and I'm no cow whisperer. It turns out they were perfectly harmless. 

As expected Sverre took a while to settle for the night. But once he fell asleep, he slept peacefully through the night.

dinner time

Cow watching whilst Sverre was sleeping and Sølve and Sara were fishing (they didn't catch anything).

Both kids are asleep and we are having red wine by the campfire. A moment of true bliss.

Morning coffee made on a campfire - another kind of true bliss. Especially after a night sleeping on the ground. Note to self: We need those self-inflating backpacking mattresses for our next camping trip. And what happened to the sleeping bags during these years? Why are they suddenly so small? 

9 am camp mood

Røssdalen is a popular camping destination; there were 11 tents that night.

The endless fun of throwing rocks in water.

Sara made a couple of new friends.

For more Røssdalen photos, see here.


Friday, 5 January 2018

things I like lately

Fuji pro 160C, Canon EOS 500N

- eating sweet, juicy oranges for lunch every day
- clearing out the fridge - much needed after the holiday abundance
- packing away Christmas - most important task on the January 1 agenda
- productive work days
- coming back to work and meeting my colleagues again
- this interview with Amanda Jane Jones
- below zero temperatures and clear skies - feels so much more like winter than 6 degrees plus and rain
- helpful friends (with medical degrees)
- this thing with Green Kitchen Stories
- a weekend ahead with uninterrupted sleep + sleeping in

- - -

Things I don’t like lately

- the ear ache is gone, but my ear is completely clogged and I can hardly hear - it drives me nuts!
- I'm very nervous about today’s flight because of my ear
- in desperate if proper rest

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

summer memories // island life

Our home for the weekend, plus our very favourite furry friend, Hama, the shiba dog. Sverre is suuuper excited about her!

We are definitely going to eat well this weekend. Dinner tonight is...

...pita breads with all the fillings.

Gone fishing (pappa), throwing endless numbers of rocks in the sea (son), treasure hunting on the beach (daughter) and swimming in 17 degrees Celsius water (mamma). Will be back in time for the wood fired pizza and ball games on the lawn.

wood fired pizza ftw!

pizza galore // already looking forward to a new round of pizzas for dinner tonight

The excitement of seeing sheep first thing in the morning. His mamma would been equally excited about a few more hours of sleep.

For more photos from our stays at this lovely cabin at the idyllic island of Fogn, see here, here, here and here.


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